Wednesday, April 9, 2014

diy liquid detergent

I am going to share with you a really good liquid detergent that i make , its easy to make,cheap,cleans really well and smells great..
This is made with green olive soap, its non toxic and its only 1.30 a bar , i also use this soap for my tub and toilet cleaner.
You will need:
1 bar of green olive soap
i cup of white vinegar
1/2 a cup of baking soda
essential oils of your choise
4 liter bottle
1 grater
1 whisk
1 large pot

So first you need to grate the soap ,it will look like green cheese :-) then you need to add 1 liter water to a pot and put on the heat on medium ,add your soap and whisk until its all disolved, they will be little bits of green soap but not to worry.
Heat and whisk for about 5 minutes then add the vinegar and the baking soda.. Whisk again and add another 2 liters of water , whisk it in well until it looks like soup. It will be runny at first but it will turn thick and creamy the next day. Now add  your essential oils, about 20 drops should be fine, pour it in your bottle ..
I start with 3 liter and then when its all thick i add some more water and give a good shake. You need to shake it well before you use  it each time.. add one cup to each load..
This detergent cleans really well and i don't use any fabric softener either,  i don't use the dryer very often only once a week but i hang my cloths to dry indoors to prevent them from going rock dry, i live in a very dusty area with loads of fields around me so the dust drys the cloths up..
This takes about 10 minutes to make and last for about 2 weeks, i wash cloths every day..
I hope you enjoy this post have a great day..


Friday, April 4, 2014

Coffee body scrub...

Now the weather is getting hot and we will be showing some legs and arms we would like them to be in top condition for the beach or for those shorts ..
I've been using this for about a year now with a little break in the winter.. I have a little container were I save my coffee grounds after I make my morning and afternoon coffee, the container should not be airtight and you should spread the coffee around to air dry so it doesn't produce mold..
Some benefits of this body scrub are :

  • It helps good blood circulation 
  • It reduces cellulite 
  • It tightens and firms the skin
  • It makes your  skin soft and silky
  • It moisturizers your body

So you will need

  • I container with a lid about 400 gr I use a yogurt container 
  • Coffee grounds 
  • 1/2 a cup Olive oil or any carrier oil that you like to use I was happy with oilive oil for this
  • 6 tbs Salt
  • Essential oils
  • 2 tsp Cinnamon 
So what you do is really easy, in a mixing bowl put your coffee and add the olive oil , add your salt and cinnamon .. Mix it all up with a plastic or wooden spoon. What your looking for is for the scrub to be wet and not soupy.. Not to runny but not to dry.. Just moist .. If you need more oil add it in slowly mix and test.. If its to oily just add more coffee .. I just eye ball mine I don't measure any of the ingridients as its so simple you can't go wrong..
When its the right consistency add your oils, about 20 drops should be just enough.. The coffee smell is really strong but the oils you choose will leave a nice scent on your skin. I use lavender , lemon ,rose geranium . A little bit of peppermint will leave a nice tingling sensation to your skin..
So what you do is hop in your bath follow your normal soaping routine and when you rinse off the soap scoop the scrub out with your fingers and massage in to your arms, legs,shoulders and feet for about 5 minutes.. Use a light massaging circular motion and then rinse off. I use it on my face as well once or twice a week and it leaves my face really soft and silky.. You will find that you won't need to apply a moisturizer when you come out and dry because the oil doesn't all wash off , witch is a good thing .. You could use this ever day focussing more on troubled areas or every other day..
Hope you enjoyed this post ..

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ancient statues ..

Today we learned about statues of Achient Greece and Cyprus, we looked at photos online and talked about the meterials they used ,how they made clay and how they were found..
We got  our clay out and made our own little statues , it was fun to see how the little Doolittle made he's and paid close attention to the details.. He really enjoyed this project and the statues turned out so nice I will put them on display as soon as they dry..
We used different materials and tools to make patters and markings on out projects.  

We used toothpicks and forks to make patterns
Making plaques using tooth picks to make patterns 

He made a charm using a chop stick to make holes.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Nature exploring and painting...

It was a lovely sunny day today and the kids were home sick from school, so I took the opportunity to go out and do some nature exploring ..I packed some glue, paints ,water and brushes and gave the kids a basket each and out the door we were.. We collected some flowers ,sticks, stones and snail shells  to make a nature painting..
Kids love to explore and look at the different bugs that are out now , the different wild flowers that are growing in the fields now..
We collected all we needed and set up on the ground in the park to make our project.. It was a fun morning ,we talked about all the different bugs and flowers we met and then they had a little play..

Lovely daisy and ladybug...

A looking for craft materials 

Little snail..

Little caterpillar

Lovely poppies are growing ...

Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine day craft and gift ideas...

Valentine is almost here and I will share with some ideas that I like for gifts and crafts to make for your kids, friends and loved one:-)
Now valentines day is just a nice  excuse to make crafts , special dinner and decorate . I think we should show our love daily , to care and to be nice should be an every day thing and not once a year..
I also believe that buying expensive gifts is unnecessary , home made gifts are the better and more personal , putting the time and the effort to make them even the smallest gift is more appreciated . I like to send the kids to school with a little suprice in there lunch box and a homemade card. They love it.. We make cup cakes or cookies in the afternoon and prepare a special dinner for the 4 of us to have at night , the dinner table is decorated with crafts we make and the kids take so much pride in there projects and feel so special when everything is ready and set up.
Now lets go see some ideas about what to make and give..
This is so cute and simple. 

Save bottles and fill them up with goodies., you can  get boxes  from ikea that they have for putting glasses in and decorate them..
Buy canvas bags and hand print  heart on it with fabric paint..
These are so cute for kids school as class favors.
Heart garland made with card stock .. 
This is good for kids lunch boxes.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ideas for reusing jars.

It's been a long time since my last post , now with the holidays long gone and schools and routine are back to usual and getting well after 3 weeks of being sick I finally get in to the mood to compose a post:-)
Well I don't know about you but I save all my containers ,boxes,bottles and glass jars from groceries ( milk, cereal , jams, jellies, spices ). 

Add  fruit in them for school snacks
Use old toys and hot glue them on  top and 
then spray paint them, I love this idea..
Today I am posting some ideas on what to do with your glass jars, so many cool and interesting things out there to make with them. I will post photos for you to get an idea. You could turn them in to vases to store pasta ,beans , herbs and spices, you could store your homemade shampoo, scrubs, conditioners, laundry powder, melt your old candles and make new ones, store buttons, pins, pencils, colors,erasers, make an indoor herb garden the possibilities are endless ..
Grow herbs indoors in jars
I just love this idea of jars as centerpieces with tea effective..

Make homemade gifts like body butters and scrubs 

Add caption

Store your beans ,lentils ,pasta and rice
Make labels from chalk paint for stationary .

Wrap string around them and make vases

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Some of our Christmas diy decoration and activities

 This was the salt dough ornaments that we made ,I posted them in a previous post. I made them in to a door wreath.
 This little snowman was made from a bottle. I used felt to cover the bottle and an old sock for the details.
 I made gingerbread men and brownies for my sons school. They loved them...

 These are ornaments we made from Popsicle sticks. Kids painted them and glittered them..

And our christmas tree..