Friday, December 6, 2013

Homemade vapor rub

Just finished making our vapor rub, winter is here and so are those nasty little viruses and stuffy noses.  And so in our home we started with sneezes and stuffy noses:-) this vapor rub helps relieve this uncomfortable feeling and helps you breath a little bit better when it's  time for bed, especially for kids. Use it straight after a nice hot bath and get in to bed and keep warm.
Another good thing that you should do when your not feeling well with a cold is drink fresh ginger tea with a cinnamon stick, you could add honey for better results . If you can't have too much honey for any reason then just try to have at least one or two cups with the honey and the rest plain.
The other thing that should be done is a nice chicken ,onion and garlic soup again through out the day.  Now back with the vapor rub.
I used:
1/2 cup mango butter you could use coco butter too
1/2 cup olive oil
50 drops eucalyptus essential oil
40 drops peppermint
20 drops spearmint
10 drops tea tree.

Melt the butter and the oil in a double boiler and stir with a wooden or plastic spoon, remove from the heat and add your essential oils. Transfer the vapor rub in a glass or plastic container with a lid.
You could leave it out until it sets or if your inpatient like me put it in the refrigerator for about half an hour.. Remove and store in a cool and dark place.. Use it after a hot  bath or just when you need a little relief from a stuffy nose or bad chest.
This is nice effective and easy.. I don't like to use the store bought Vicks brand as it has petroleum and other chemicals in it that are not good for you and the thought off rubbing petroleum on my kids and my self isn't all that inviting:-) another thing you could do is put a spoon of the vapor rub in boiling  water in a bowl and put you head over it covered with a large towel and breath in the fumes with your nose.. This is super good and very reliving ..

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