Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine day craft and gift ideas...

Valentine is almost here and I will share with some ideas that I like for gifts and crafts to make for your kids, friends and loved one:-)
Now valentines day is just a nice  excuse to make crafts , special dinner and decorate . I think we should show our love daily , to care and to be nice should be an every day thing and not once a year..
I also believe that buying expensive gifts is unnecessary , home made gifts are the better and more personal , putting the time and the effort to make them even the smallest gift is more appreciated . I like to send the kids to school with a little suprice in there lunch box and a homemade card. They love it.. We make cup cakes or cookies in the afternoon and prepare a special dinner for the 4 of us to have at night , the dinner table is decorated with crafts we make and the kids take so much pride in there projects and feel so special when everything is ready and set up.
Now lets go see some ideas about what to make and give..
This is so cute and simple. 

Save bottles and fill them up with goodies., you can  get boxes  from ikea that they have for putting glasses in and decorate them..
Buy canvas bags and hand print  heart on it with fabric paint..
These are so cute for kids school as class favors.
Heart garland made with card stock .. 
This is good for kids lunch boxes.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ideas for reusing jars.

It's been a long time since my last post , now with the holidays long gone and schools and routine are back to usual and getting well after 3 weeks of being sick I finally get in to the mood to compose a post:-)
Well I don't know about you but I save all my containers ,boxes,bottles and glass jars from groceries ( milk, cereal , jams, jellies, spices ). 

Add  fruit in them for school snacks
Use old toys and hot glue them on  top and 
then spray paint them, I love this idea..
Today I am posting some ideas on what to do with your glass jars, so many cool and interesting things out there to make with them. I will post photos for you to get an idea. You could turn them in to vases to store pasta ,beans , herbs and spices, you could store your homemade shampoo, scrubs, conditioners, laundry powder, melt your old candles and make new ones, store buttons, pins, pencils, colors,erasers, make an indoor herb garden the possibilities are endless ..
Grow herbs indoors in jars
I just love this idea of jars as centerpieces with tea effective..

Make homemade gifts like body butters and scrubs 

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Store your beans ,lentils ,pasta and rice
Make labels from chalk paint for stationary .

Wrap string around them and make vases