Friday, May 2, 2014

In the park..

We had a fun afternoon in the park with my little Doolittle today, we collected leafs,branches and stones and made houses and people, we build a camp fire and cooked  the fish that we fished *(pretend play)
We followed big footprints to find the big monster, then we found a large ant nest and put down some cookie crumbs, we watched how they took it back in to there hole . We talked about what the ants were doing ,how they collect food to take to the colony and drew out on the dirt how we imagined there nest would look like under earth..
We pretended we were secret spies looking for important things.. and we eventually found hes airplane that we misplaced    -:)
We ended our afternoon with some juice and a snack..

I love spending time and playing with my little Doolittle's..

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