Wednesday, April 9, 2014

diy liquid detergent

I am going to share with you a really good liquid detergent that i make , its easy to make,cheap,cleans really well and smells great..
This is made with green olive soap, its non toxic and its only 1.30 a bar , i also use this soap for my tub and toilet cleaner.
You will need:
1 bar of green olive soap
i cup of white vinegar
1/2 a cup of baking soda
essential oils of your choise
4 liter bottle
1 grater
1 whisk
1 large pot

So first you need to grate the soap ,it will look like green cheese :-) then you need to add 1 liter water to a pot and put on the heat on medium ,add your soap and whisk until its all disolved, they will be little bits of green soap but not to worry.
Heat and whisk for about 5 minutes then add the vinegar and the baking soda.. Whisk again and add another 2 liters of water , whisk it in well until it looks like soup. It will be runny at first but it will turn thick and creamy the next day. Now add  your essential oils, about 20 drops should be fine, pour it in your bottle ..
I start with 3 liter and then when its all thick i add some more water and give a good shake. You need to shake it well before you use  it each time.. add one cup to each load..
This detergent cleans really well and i don't use any fabric softener either,  i don't use the dryer very often only once a week but i hang my cloths to dry indoors to prevent them from going rock dry, i live in a very dusty area with loads of fields around me so the dust drys the cloths up..
This takes about 10 minutes to make and last for about 2 weeks, i wash cloths every day..
I hope you enjoy this post have a great day..


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