Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cardboard painted frames

Hi there today i will be sharing a fun project that we made with the kids.
We had cardboard boxes and needed an activity to do with the boys so in my brain came a vision of colorful
photo frames ,so lets get started..
You will need :
  1. Cardboard boxes
  2. acrylic paints
  3. scissors
  4. kids :-)
  5. glue 
 Get your boxes and cut flat pieces of witch size you would like the biggest frame to be and then cut out a window in the middle ,this will leave you with a window in the middle for the photo to go in.
Then take the piece that was in the middle and cut an other window in that one ,now you have 2 photo frames
continue this until you have your very little photo frame,the last little piece of cardboard that you will have left will be to little to make in to a frame so what i did was cut that in different shapes and got the kids to paint them. You can stick these little pieces on the frames once kids have finishes painting them, now get the kids to paint them in bright,fun colors..
When the paint is dried print some fun photos that fit in the frames and stick them from the behind of the frames.
Now your fun cardboard frames are ready to put on the wall,i put mine on with double sided tape.
My kids had loads of fun making these and now are up the wall in our play room,hope you have fun too.
   You could cut the shapes in wavy shapes it makes them more fun..

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