Thursday, June 20, 2013

Make a summer memory sheet

This is something that we did last year and most definitely going to do this summer holiday.
Its a summer memory sheet,purchase a cheap sheet or if you have an old one hanging around use that.
Every day in the summer give it to the kids to make a drawing of something,it could be something they did that day,somewhere they went or what ever they feel like.
what you need:
  1. sheet
  2. fabric crayons,markers
  3. iron
Lay the sheet down on the floor for them and give them the colors and let them simple as that.
When the holidays are over and the sheet is all filled up with there memories just iron it to seal it in.
You could use the sheet or you could make a duvet cover out of it,or even make a curtains for there bedroom if you do it 2 years you have a will be amazed how colorful it looks..
Have fun..


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