Monday, November 11, 2013

Diy body butter

Hi there in this post I will share with you how to make your own body butter, its super great and leaves skin soft and healthy. All natural ingredients are used , in fact you could even eat it if you like.
So here it goes.
You will need:

  • I cup coconut oil
  • Half a cup mango or coco butter melted
  • Stand up mixer or hand mixer
  • Essential oils . I like to use rose geranium, lavender , vanilla.
So first in a double boiler melt the coco butter or mango butter, when melted add the coconut oil and take off he stove. Add in your essential oils . Transfer your bowl in the refrigerator for about half an hour. What you need is the butters to start to solidify a little, just to turn a pale color. Then you beat the mixture with a mixer until it fluffs up like fresh cream.
It will look white and fluffy and feel super soft and great. Transfer your butter in a glass container with a lid and store it in a cool place. Keep it away from direct sunlight as the coconut oil will melt when it' gets hot, you could still use it just fine but it will loose that fluffy look and feel.
You could give these out with a nice label and ribbon as gifts for Christmas .

You could use cinnamon and glove essential oils to make these Christmassy , or coco powder to give your skin an extra glow ..
Hope you enjoyed this post.. Wishing you all happy positive thoughts.

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