Friday, August 30, 2013

Build a play fort...

Tents, playhouses and forts are always fun ways to keep children's imaginations alive. My kids love to make secret hide outs and pretend to be pirates or knights. So today we build a play fort.
We build it from sheets, blankets and boxes . What's you need is a big space in your home put together couches, tables and chairs to drape your sheets and blankets over, you could use paper tape or cloth pins to keep it in place. Make a tunnel from cardboard boxes and use flash lights to make it more exciting in there forts.
Put some pillows and toys in for them and let the games begging:-) kids can spend a long time playing ,pretending  and having fun.. You could drape sheets over bunk beds to If you have them and dinning room tables  make good play houses and hide outs also..
This was a short post but I hope you enjoyed it.. Have a great day..

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