Thursday, August 22, 2013

The recycled happy boy:-)

We were looking through the recycling box looking for ideas about our next project and we decided to make a happy little boy.
So we got our items and started put them together like a puzzle:-) when we figured out witch piece goes we're i taped him all up with paper tape. This will make the end project strong and easy to paint. When working with plastic or tin the paint won't stay on ,it kind of slides of when the material is shiny,or when there is writing on the container. So for maximum coverage tape is needed.
Things that you will need:

1.Coffee tin

2.Mod podge or plain white glue will do just fine. You could use a hot glue gun for the eyes and hair.
toilet tubes..

3.Yarn pon pons 

4.Scraps of fabric. I used old tee shirts 

5. Cd top
Assemble everything together ,tape all together with paper tape then glue the pieces of fabric were you want them
. Cut long strips of fabric for the hair and glue them on. Use goggle eyes and buttons for his nose. Insert the pon pons in the toilet tubes for his hands and cut another long strip of fabric for a scarf . That is it. Hope it's all clear i tried to make as clear as possible. You could make little girls just make the hair longer or make peek tales.
How to make yarn pon pons:

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