Thursday, August 1, 2013

Diy baby wipes or make up removal wipes..

DIY baby wipes and make up removal ..
I found this recipe ages ago about home made baby wipes and there great , there home made and easy to make in fact super easy and you should have all the stuff in your pantry anyway..
I used the store bought on both my kids when they were babies in diapers and I never liked the feel of them and the fake smell. They always seem to leave the skin or hands sticky and never clean and fresh and the chemicals in them aren't good for the skin , and we tend to wipe there mouths to and hands that they put in there mouth a d all gets ingested ..Yuks..
This one leaves skin clean ,soft and moisturized.. All ingredients are natural and easy to find..
So you will need:

  1. Castile liquid soap ( use mild baby shampoo if you don't have Castile)
  2. Olive oil
  3. Water
  4. Bounty kitchen roll ( needs to be really strong stuff)
  5. Container with a lid.
  6. Essential oils( I use lavender and tea tree for there antiseptic qualities )
So you take 1 cup of warm water, 2 tbsp of olive oil , 2 tsp of Castile soap or baby shampoo  and 10 drops of essential oils mix all together and put aside.
Now you will need a strong bread knife to cut the kitchen roll in half  to fit in your container. I use the yogurt buckets with the lid . You could use any round container you have that fits the roll in it. If you want it to fit in your bag when you go out you could take some out from the container and store them in a zip log back to take with you.
So after you cut your toilet roll in half and fit it in the container ,take the water olive oil  mix and poor it in the kitchen roll container and close on top with a lid. Tip it upside down for 10 minutes and then tip it right side up for another 10. Now in the middle of your paper towel roll there's the cardboard paper that you should just pull out slowly that should make the start for you were you will pull the wipes out . That means when you take a wipe you will unwrap from the inside out. Cut the desired amount and put the lid on. 
That's it easy ..
These are also good for removing make up too and olive oil is good for your skin..
Good luck and enjoy.. 

PS : cheeper kind of kitchen paper towels will not work for this you need to get the good strong stuff. The ones I get are 3euros for 3and there super good. I tried this with good toilet paper and I did not work..And because you cut them in half you get 6 tubs of baby wipes way cheeper than any store bought wipes and much much better.

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