Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Clay stamping!!! Wall art..

This is a great and fun craft to do with kids, and would look good on your wall too.
This involves air dry clay ,toys ,magnets and paints. I got the kids to roll out there clay on a container top ours were round and rectangle tops it took them a wile until it was perfectly rooled our and smooth, then they went to the toy box and chose what they wanted to stamp , the one chose cars and the other a Micky magnet from our trip to disney :-)
They stamped them on there and used there fingers to to make dots ,a fork to make lines and we put them on the window sill to dry. When they were done the next day I carefully took them of the tops and the kids painted them and my youngest wanted to put tissue paper shreds for the grass..Wich was blue and red:-) we sprinkled them with glitter and they were ready to dry off. Don't forget to make a hole if you intend to hang them up. This can be done witht the back of the paint brush.
We had loads of fun making these and they have a home in our play room on the wall along with some more we made a little wile after.
Have fun stamping ...

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