Thursday, August 8, 2013

Home made shampoo.

I made my diy shampoo last week and I can say it was good:-) it was tested on the family and they liked it too.. I made a chamomile shampoo with bergamot  essential oils, next time I will use rose geranium I think it will smell better..
Store bought shampoo contains a lot of cancers chemicals that is not good for our bodies and our loved ones.. Shampoo is easy to make and cheaper  and I love the fact that I know exactly what is going in it and that I can help keep my self and my family safe and healthy, that goes for the food intake as well. So I would like to share what the store bought kind contains first and them move on on a few recipes
Most commercial cosmetic companies want to sell you a product that’s falsely labelled as natural.’ In reality, the only natural ingredient in a bottle of the herbal’ shampoos you find in discount stores and supermarkets is the water. And it’s pretty much a given that they all contain one very unwholesome ingredient: sodium lauryl sulfate.
This is a synthetic foaming agent that admittedly does its job in the lathering department, but has also been known to cause cataract-forming protein, along with a host of skin allergies, dandruff, and hair loss! If you use a shampoo with this ingredient once or twice a year, it won’t harm you, but most people use it as often as everyday.
The perfumes’ and fragrances’ you see listed on the bottles of shampoo don’t give you a clue as to WHAT type they are. Is it an expensive perfume containing a host of inviting floral and woodsy ingredients? Probably not. Those fragrances–there can be over 100 of them–usually come from a lab, not an organically grown and dried herb.
And here’s one final consideration. Do you want to support companies that test chemicals on animals

This link states some dangers..
This link shares a lot of good recipes too.

Normal – Lucky you! No excess oil or dryness means that you can use most products and your hair still looks good!
Recommended herbs: Horsetail, red clover, chamomile and marigold if you’re blonde. Crushed lavender flowers, rosemary for growth.
Dry - Well, at least you don’t have to wash your hair everyday!
Recommended herbs: Comfrey root or leaf, red clover, crushed orange flowers, crushed lavender flowers, elder flowers, chamomile flowers and marigold if you’re blonde and jojoba oil added to the shampoo base.
Oily - Often-times the oil is caused by environmental pollutants and/or poor diet. Sometimes it’s hereditary.

Recommended herbs: Nettle leaves, rosemary leaves, peppermint leaves, burdock leaves, tea tree leaves, orris root and lemongrass. You have a wide range of choices at least!
Black or Very Coarse/Curly: Special care for curly hair.
Recommended herbs: Nettle leaves, rosemary leaves, sage, crushed lavender flowers, indigo root, comfrey leaves, jojoba oil added to the shampoo base. Gray Sage, rosemary, nettle. Also, check with herbs suited for your recommended type.
Hair loss - Whether it’s environmental, hereditary, or illness-related, there’s a good chance that herbs will help. Of course you’ll consult with your physician or homoeopathic practitioner first!
Recommended herbs: Rosemary leaves, crushed lavender flowers, tea tree leaves, sage, nettle and basil.
Dandruff - It is a problem, but one that can hopefully be solved using herbs.
My recipe is..
1\4 of Castile liquid soap( organic)
1 cup of chamomile tea( use 2 tsp of  chamomile buds in hot water ,soak for 15 minutes and strain out)
 10 drops of essential oils I like rosé geranium
1/4 cup of organic goats milk
2 table spoons of olive oil or coconut( if you really dry hair and scalp use a bit more)
I doubled the recipe and used the same amount of olive oil as for 2 tbs .

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