Sunday, August 11, 2013

Paper plate Noah's ark..

We make this craft with my eldest baby boy and it turned out so good. It's on our wall in the play room and it looks so nice.. No one would believe this was made from cheap paper plates and milk cartons.. This craft is from the Creative Jewish Mom.
What you need:

  1. 2 milk cartons
  2. 2 dinner sized paper plates
  3. Acrylic paints
  4. Craft knife
  5. Strong clue ( hot clue gun) or double sided sticky tape.
What you do :

  1. Fold paper plate in half and cut along the fold. Either staple or glue the two halves together. Join the two drink cartons together with glue or double-stick tape.
  2. Paint your plates and cartons. Apply details such as port-holes and windows with paint or stickers or adhesive backed patterned paper. If you would like to make a base for your Ark, paint and decorate the back side of a whole paper plate as well.
  3. Once paint has dried, join the carton portion to the plate portion with double stick tape or glue. The base plate becomes a base by cutting a slit in the middle of the plate with a craft knife. Cut the slit in the shape of an elongated capital letter I.
  4. Insert your ark into the base, and cut a small portion off the bottom of the ark if necessary to help it stand up.
  5. If you prefer, omit the base, and hang your ark by attaching string or ribbon to the top of the drink cartons. One way would be to use a hole punch to make two holes, one in the center of  each carton, and then attach a cute coordinating ribbon.   

Animal assembly :To Make The Animals You'll Need:
  • colored card stock
  • round colored stickers
  • adhesive back metallic paper
  • water color and/or gouche paint
  • rubber eraser to use as printing tool
  • hole punch

Part 1: Making Animal Patterned Paper
Making your own patterned paper is a project unto itself, that all ages from three and up canenjoy. The idea is to make 'animal skin" whether real or imagined. Create a kaleidascope of patterns, and ay extra paper can always be used for greeting cards, collage projects or bunting banner flags.

Young children can easily make polka-dot paper with round stickers, and you can help them by punching holes in stickers before peeling them off the sheet, or cutting sticker in half. Older children can try their hand at painting their interpretations of real animal skin patterns. Get out some books with photos of animals for inspiration.


Part 2: Cutting pairs or chains of animals from patterned paper

  1. Print out animal silhouettes below, transfer image to paper by putting a piece of carbon paper between your print out and the back of your patterned paper, and using a ball point pen, trace around the edge of each animal. Or alternatively, glue or double stick tape animal to heavy weight paper or cereal box cardboard, cut out animal silhouette, and use as a template for tracing (I recommend this option.)
  2. Before you transfer your animal silhouette to your patterned paper, fold paper at least once, and transfer image such that one side lies exactly on the fold to create joined animals.
  3. Animal cut-outs like these also make great party invitations or greeting cards to make some extra ones for future use.
Noah's Ark Animal Silhouettes

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