Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ikea MAMMUT kids table painted..

I am painting and changing things around in our play room , painting the desk and walls and kids table and moving photos and art around. This will be on another post when I am done will all the details. For now I wanted to share the kids table that I've finished and it looks nice and fresh. The table is the round MAMMUT table from ikea  it was passed down to us when my brother moved to another country and we've had for 2 years now.
Kids have painted ,glued and played on it so it was looking rather used and messy. The table is solid so I didn't want to get rid of it and buy a new one, why waste money if there is paint..
So here is what I did.:
I washed the table down and scrubbed it as much possible, I let it dry and them used a primer and painted it on. After it dried I used a glossy spray paint and sprayed it, let it dry for a couple of hours and then sprayed it again.
Make sure you do this outside and put a mask over your nose and mouth, I got mild toxic poisoning once trying to spray my bamboo chairs once and it wasn't pleasant to say the least:-)
So that was it a short post  I hope you enjoyed it , I wish you all a happy positive healthy day!!!!

And after:-)


  1. How is the paint holding up? We were thinking of doing the same thing.

  2. I wanted to ask you the same thing than Lisanne

  3. It's holding up really well , only a little bit at the bottom came off but on the whole the table looks good . My little one uses this table a lot to paint , write and play . You can't even tell I painted it .. Thanks for your interest . :-) Julie and Lisanne ..

  4. What kind of primer and spray paint for plastics? Would you mind sharing the brands of paint you used? Thank you! Looks great