Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chalk board DIY

Changes are going on in our playroom and one thing I always wanted to make is a chalk board on the wall . So I went out and found chalk spay paint , got home moved some furniture around and found the perfect wall for it. So I wiped the wall sown well measured the square and paper taped a border ,make sure you put double tape around and make the border thick if using spray paint because it will splat on your wall. And always put a mask on to cover your nose and mouth. Open all your windows and start spraying:-)
I did 2 coats on this one and let it dry for a couple of hours, then take chalk and cover the whole board and wipe it down with a dry coat. I got some colored paper tape and put it around the board as a border to make it look nice and to complete the board.
That is it.. Thank you for reading :-)..

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