Friday, September 13, 2013

Gardening in small spaces..

A lot of people talk about wanting to grow there own veggies but say they haven't got a lot of room, or they live in a apartment and don't know we're to grow them..
So today I will post a few links and ideas for you to read and consider for you to grow your veggies were ever you might live and how ever much space you have.. It takes some imagination and effort but its well worth it when you see your veggadables growing and the feeling about picking your own grown stuff is great.
Involve children in your home grown food too ,it makes them feel happy and gives them responsibility about taking care of them ,watering them and a feeling of satisfaction when the vegetables are ready for picking.
I remember we put some potatoes one time in an old ikea bag and kids were amazed when the potatoes were ready and they were digging them up, because from one potato you can get 5 so they multiplied.. So below there are links of some good ideas for your garden and ideas about what grows best in small spaces and in pots.. Hope you enjoy and have a great day..

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