Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Home made Trahana soup..

I am excited for this post and happy that it worked out so good and yummy.. I bet your wondering what I am talking about ..ill tell you right now..
I fancied some Trahana this Evening and my oldest Boy has been asking for it for a long time.. So I tempted to make it. And it tastes great.. Now I'll tell you how you can make it at home nice and simple.. First of all for you that don't know what TRAHANA is ill tell you:
It's a traditional Cyprus soup made with Purgar  wheat and goats milk or some make it with goats yogurt. In the villages in the older days they made it in the winter time in boiled chicken stock. 
What they did is they boiled the burgar wheat with goats milk until they made a paste and left it out until it went sour, then they make in little pies and left it out in the sun so it would go dry ..some used when it was still fresh .
What I did was this:
I filled a large pan with water and in that put some chicken stock , in that I put one cup of burgar wheat , I tup of sour goats yogurt ,one cup of goats milk, 2 lemons, half a tsp of pepper and some salt according to taste..now if I had one more yogurt tub I wouldn't of used the goats milk and used one lemon less. Cut one whole halloumi cheese in to little pieces and put them in too.
Now boil it until its the burgar wheat is cooked and it becomes creamy and tasty:-)about half hour should do it.. And then enjoy.. Easy weezy...

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