Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Reusing those broken crayons..

My kids love to draw all the time and we are left with loads of crayons that are broken and just left at the bottom of the crayon box looking messy . So we made it in to an activity with my boys to melt them and make new ones.
So what you do is this:
Get  kids to peel of the paper of the broken ,chipped crayons, separate them in too different colors.
Orange with orange ,blues with blues.reds with reds and so on.....
You will need a cup cake tin and or shaped molds to put your crayons in side. If you would like rainbow colored crayons them mix the colored crayons together in the cup cake tin or molds.
Put your oven on to 180 C and put your tin in the oven until crayons are melted.. Now if your mold is not oven safe you could melt the crayons in a pan and them pour the melted crayons in your molds..
Let the mixture cool completely and then remove them form the tin or the mold..
I gave some for party favors for one of my boys birthday party, ours were fishes and wrapped in a cello bag with a pretty ribbon and thank you card..
Have fun melting :-)

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