Sunday, September 1, 2013

Secret garden hideout..

Secret garden hide out.. Make a secret play area with your children so they can play and pretend. They can paint it and make chimes to hang on the branches. Put logs of wood for seats old tiles for the floor..
My boys have been working on there's 2 days now and there having fun.. Choose a good area in your garden were bushes and trees are tall and were there is an area that looks like a little cave so kids can go under and play. 
We choose a nice place were our fairy garden is , we have bushes ,trees and shrubs that are grown big and its an ideal place for a secret garden. 
My eldest cleaned and cut the lower branches yesterday and wheelbarrowed some stones in side for he's floor. We made a frame from wooden planks that became  the hideouts wall.
On that we used and old large box and stapled it on,cut some windows and a letter box slot and the kids painted on it.
Next over the time we will make some chimes to hang from the branches . Kids made a plastic cup banner a wile back and that was hung on the branches as decoration along with some paper Pom pons.
Hope we have inspired you to make your secret hideout garden.. Have a great Sunday..


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