Thursday, September 5, 2013

Recycled foil pie tin craft

My oldest collected some stuff from the recycled box ,got out the hot glue gun and he said he had a craft idea to work on. So I let him to get on with he's craft and when he was done he came in the room happy and proud of he's creation. It was a robot head made from bottle tops from beers and water bottles some yarn a foil pie tin and a old top from a box.
Now it's a part of our art wall gallery in the play room. With a little bit of imagination and a few scrap pieces art is made. You could recycle anything you have to make art, with a bigger top from a box you could made a scene of flowers ,trees ,people and anything you could think about. Ask your children for there ideas ,kids come up with the greatest and imaginative ideas..
Have a great day you all out there..

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