Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reusing an old tee shirt ..

Today I will be showing you how to reuse an old tee shirt to make a new vest or tank tops.My husband has loads of tees dating back when he was in collage and insists in keeping them all. Well I had other plans.. I made new tank tops, there so many things that you could do with old tees. You could make bags,new tops like these ideas below,scarfs ,fringed scarfs, use the patterns on new tee shirts, pillow cases and many things. You could also cut them up and use them as rags.. Hope you enjoy these fast and creative ideas.
For the bottom  tank top I followed these steps above .
Then I used fabric paints ,a sponge and a crochet doily , I placed it on the tee and stamped the patten on the tee .

This takes no more tan 5 minutes

A racer back tee

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