Sunday, September 22, 2013

Paper tape roads ..

There those days when one just wants to sit down and rest, no errands no school no crafting.. Unfortunately with 2 energetic kids in the house this Is not possible.. Even the TV doesn't do the trick on these kind of days. It's like the read my mind and as soon as I sit down with my coffe and start cruising the Internet for some awesome ideas , that's when they start running around like mad ,screaming to the top of the voices and the fighting starts too..
And I finely find something to do for the little ones and come back to sit on my comfy chair and just as I start to write in m blog DH want attention too.. Oh well!! It's all good...
So today was one of these days .. And this is what i did..
Took the paper tape and made roads on the floor. Got them to bring there cars and blocks ,car parks and car washes and told them to build a town ...
This works wonders they were so happy and excited , occupied and working together in a nice manner.. And me ::: enjoying my coffee and writing my blog..:-)
You could do this with any colour tape I just had the white one . I used electrical white tape for the road lines and that was it.. Hours of play and fun for them and for me too..
Have a great  Sunday , I hope you could use this idea to give you some time out..

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