Monday, September 16, 2013

Toilet tube pirates telescope..

Last night before bed time my 4 year old had collected some toilet tubes and wrapping paper tubes from our recycled box , he  told me that when he was at school he would like me to make him a pirates telescope please..
So when I took him to school I got home and for to work, I got black paint , foil tape, gold ribbon ,packing tape and glass Jewells . I first cut the wrapping paper tube to a size that  i wanded , wrapped the top part in foil ,then you have to slide the toilet tube on top of the foil to make it stay on place, you need to stick that part with sticky tape , I used the wide packing see through tape.
Then paint the big tube in black and give it 10 minutes to dry.
Make holes on either side for the ribbon to slide through , and tape all of the toilet tube in the foil tape.
Plug the hot glue in and when it's hot stick your glass jewels around the toilet tube.. Cut some skeleton  bones out of craft foam and stick them in the middle of the big tube witch you painted black..
Thread the ribbon and knott on either side.
Ready!!! Now give it to your young pirate to go exploring for ships and bad pirates..Aboy Mateys..

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