Friday, October 11, 2013

Diy book sling

Check out the tutorial on how to make a book sling, book slings are convenient for little kids bedrooms , they can choose the books they want to read for that week from the big book self and take them to there rooms. Easy to get out and put back in and it also looks cool. They can be ideal in next to there beds or in a reading corner..

Here's is the how to:
PS if you are like me and sawing is not your strong point, I use a good fabric adhesive ,or those iron on strips. You could get these at stores that sell stuff for sawing ,knitting and trimmings .  I get mine online..ikea also sells the webbing fabric iron on adhesive could get the fabric there to and your list is done:-)

Supply List
1 1/3 yard of fabric
2 Double Curtain Rod Brackets (found at Ikea for as cheap as €3
2 Dowel Rods to fit the brackets, each 4 foot long (found again at Ikea)

Drill, Sewing Machine, Level, etc
I actually ended up making closer to a three foot long sling, which of course meant my measurements were different, because the wall I wanted to put it on was not quite four feet in length.
To try to avoid confusion I’ll just stick with the measurements found on the original tutorial (again, found here).
  • First, cut your fabric to 47″ x 42″.
  • Fold lengthwise with right sides together.  You should now have a 47″ x 21″ piece of fabric.  (I also added a piece of heavyweight interfacing between the layers of fabric for added stability, but this is optional).
  • Sew, using a 1/2″ seam allowance down one short side, the long side, and halfway down the other short side.
  • Turn right side out through the opening.
  • Turn the raw edges toward each other and top stitch over the opening, closing up the unfinished edge.  Press with an iron so it lays nice and flat.
  • To make the dowel casings, fold over two inches on each long side, pin, and then stitch all the way down each side.
Here's is the original link:

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