Monday, October 7, 2013

Diy vapor rub

With winter coming up so do runny noses and sore throats, bad chesty coughs and upset tummies, so I've got a good recipe for you to make your own vapor rub at home with pure ingridients.
There is the commercial Vicks vapor rub but basically what you are doing is rubbing petroleum all over your chest and your kiddos..And all that is ubsorbed by your body..
So with this one made with ,coco butter or coconut oil it makes it safe and good for your skin too..

So here are the ingridients that you will need:

 2 Tablespoons cocoa butter
2 Tablespoons sweet almond oil
20 drops eucalyptus oil
5 drops peppermint oil
4 drops lemon oil

Eucalyptus Oil - The active ingredient in aromatherapy eucalyptus species is cineol. Cineol’s aroma has both antiseptic and expectorant properties, making it the perfect ingredient for vapor rub.

Peppermint Oil – You’ll recognize the strong, penetrating menthol aroma of peppermint oil. When applied to the skin, it feels cool on the skin, so the body brings more blood to the area, which in turns warms the body.

Lemon Oil - Lemon oil is such a powerful astringent and antiseptic it can cause skin irritation. It should not be applied undiluted to skin. Five drops or less of lemon oil should be added to this recipe.

So in a double boiler melt the coco butter or coconut oil until melted or creamy, add the sweet almond oil and mix with a wooden spoon or plastic. Add in your essential oils and mix to compbine. 
In the mean time have you glass jar washed and sanitized (sterilized) do this by washing your jar with soap and them boil it in water or poor boiling water from the kettle in the jar.. 
Transfer your vapor rub in the clean jar and close the lid, the mixture will harden up , if your using coconut oil it will not be so hard . I prefer to use coconut oil as I find it easier to get it out and it rubs on easier. Some people say that it lasts longer if its made with coco butter .. You could try and see what one you like better. 

Uses of your homemade vapor rub:
You could rub on your chest , this is good for those nasty coughs and blocked nose. Good for kids when they have blocked nose before bed time, helps them sleep better.
Put a spoon in hot bath and breath in the fumes ,it also helps congested nose and chesty coughs.
Rub it on feet after bath time and put on warm socks. Helps with coughs.
Rub it on sore musles and joints.
Rub some on your forehead and temples if you have a headache .

Hope you enjoyed this post have a great day!!!!!!

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