Thursday, October 17, 2013

Painting with spices..

We had a fun afternoon yesterday , we were on our afternoon walks with our bikes and dogs and my eldest had an idea to paint with flowers. So we collected what flowers we found , and it was a limited selection since now is autumn and there are loads of fields around us and not so many flowers. We found orange , red ,pink ones and some purple ones from our garden. We got home and placed them in to boiling water to get the color our of them.. The flowers we found were on shrubs.. I read that poppies are great for red , daisies for yellow and some other spring flowers.. However we tried and didn't get the strong desired color that we were looking for.. 

So then I had the idea to try out spices , I know this was done in the olden days with added egg yolk to make vibrant colors.. . So I got out my beet root powder ,cinnamon , cocoa, turmeric.. We mixed them with some hot water and white vinigar to make our paints.. I tell you our kitchen smelled wonderful ..
We got some paper and paint brushes a glass of water to clean out each color and we started painting.. The colors were so vibrant and earthy and the paintings turned out so great..
Kids loved every minute of this activity and wanted more and more paper to create more paintings.. We spend an hour painting and mixing colors in to get new shades..
We let our painting  dry and then went back to look at them and talk about what we had painted, the paints were autumn colors and shades so the kids based the paintings on Autumn , leafes , trees and wind.. I hope you try this out it is worth every minute and try with other spices and herbs to get more colors.. I used what I had and the turn out was excellent .. I will say that when paintings dry they do go a deeper not so vibrant color..
Have a great day..
 The windy trees

Autumn storm
Autumn leaf collection 
 The golden pirate ship

The autumn tree

The golden flower

Our paints

An autumn tree..

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