Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Making butter at home!!

For our activity yesterday afternoon we made  home made butter and bread.. We had made jam (jelly) the day before so it went very well together.. I will share that recipe in another post..
So for the butter!! Well if your doing it with kids then you do it manually, kids get to see what is happening with the cream when shaken for a looooong time.. This takes some arm muscle here, you get a very good arm workout. You could explain how the cream turns to butter, when the water separates from the fat .
Now I do this in the stand up mixer normally if I want to make butter and the kids don't feel like getting some exercise done, you could make it with any kind if mixer , just mix until it turns to cream and then mix more until the fat separates from the water, this water is the buttercream ..You could use this for making pancakes, cakes, bread ,scones and many others recipes..
So what we did is this:
I pored cream in jars with lids, you might want to use plastic ones for this project as mine dropped it many times on the floor with over excitement :-)
So you fill it half way through ,you need to give it some space to be shaken, and then just shake like your life depends on it. SHAKE SHAKE.. Soon it will turn to cream and it will feel like its not shaking anymore but don't stop shake a bit longer ( much) and it will soon make the sound of shaking   Water and slush like sound.. The longer you shake it will turn to a mild light yellow ,off white color..
Now you open your lid and poor out your buttermilk and save it in an other clean jar.. Scoop out the butter in a cheese cloth and wash it in cold water, do not wash it with hot as this will melt the butter and all will be for nothing.. And trust me after all that shaking workout you don't want to do that..
When your done washing  squeeze  the access water out and put it in a clean jar. If you like your butter salted then add some salt mix and store in the refrigerator ...
Follow the same steps if using a stand up mixer ...
 The finished butter

What it's looked like half way through.

Hope you try this out ...have a great day !!!!

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