Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy kids helping out..

I like to involve the kids in some of the stuff we do in the kitchen , today I would like to share with you what these things are and maybe give you some ideas to use in your household with your kids.

Bread making.
We make our own bread so when I plan to make it I call the kids to come help, the love to measure out the cups ,poor in the water and squirt the honey in. I divide the dough and they will kneel it and make the dough, this  makes them get a work out too witch is always a good thing:-) 

Making fabric detergent 
If you make our own cleaning products this is also good to involve them in. I let them grate the soap for the fabric detergent ,put the essential oils in and measure out the washing soda. I measure out the borax. And then when laundry time is up the little one loves to press the buttons to start the machine going..

We bake a lot in our house and kids are always up for a good help in doing this.. They love to crack the eggs ,mix the butter and sugar, measure the flour out and poor it in and scoop the dough out in to cookie balls in the tray. And they always insist in putting there own trays in the oven. But be careful this bit is hot and little hands can I help the little one..

Kids love to play and roll in mud and dirt, so we often go to the flower garden and buy veggies or flowers to plant, they each have there own shovel and little rake and they go out and dig and plant there stuff. If there planting seeds then they do this in little containers or egg cartons. I help them make there own labels too ..

Making pizza
This is great time for my kiddos. They love pizza and we don't buy it from a pizza place for health conscious reasons and  that we don't eat white flour. So when the opportunity comes up they are very excited and enthusiastic to make and specially eat it..the oldest one helps out with cutting the veggies and stuff to go on, the little one helps out with the making of the dough and grating the cheese is a shared thing as is the eating part:-)

Making a salad

My oldest boy loves to surprise hes dad with a salad , so he goes in he kitchen and gets all the stuff and cuts all the veggies with pride ..This is something he takes very very serious....

Preparing the family movie night
This happens on  the weekend and we  have snacks and goodies for this, so they come in most times not always and help out with the cutting and preparing . They help take the stuff to were the movie is being held and also help bring back the dirty dishes and glasses when the night is out.. They both get tokens for being helpful and this goes for any positive behavior.  

Involving the kids in activities around the house and specially in the kitchen were they get to eat it too gives a sense of achievement and belonging.. it makes them take pride in what they do and they feel appreciated.  It also helps them from getting bored and you to rest when kids are in bed rather than preparing stuff all night..
I hope you enjoyed this post and i hope it will make you want to make stuff with your kids or if you already do give you ideas and what to make.. 

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