Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pistachio shell craft...

Well if you eat pistachios and you anything like me is am sure that you have had the thought : What to do with all these shells? I thought its a shame to trash out these cool looking things that are dying to be reused in too something cool.. And I can tell you that I have jars of them saved away for a cool craft..
So I was online looking at some craft ideas and just out of the blue here it was was a really cool looking craft with  pistachio shells..:-)
This one is easy ... You will however need a hot glue gun..and spray paints in the colors you desire..
You will also need some cardboard , cereal boxes are good for this.
Cut your box  in circles ,you could use round cookie cutters and go around them with a pen and then cut them out, or if you have round large punchers ..Punch away..Hot glue your shells in upright position ,watch out for those fingers ,the glue is extremely HOT..I got so many burns I once required strong pain killers to make the pain go away!!  Yiakkks...
So glue the first round and then just go around and keep gluing until you are at the end of the circle.. Allow to dry , this takes 10 minutes ,hot glue dries really fast and then spray paint your flowers with paint.  Super simple...and pretty 
You could use these to make a art piece by gluing a bunch of them together on canvas, or you could stick them on ribbon and hang them in a corner, glue them around a lamp shade  and use them as really original corsages :-) 
So go on and eat up and craft away.. Wishing you all a blessed and happy day!!  

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