Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Healthy treats for Halloween

My boys don't eat any candy what so ever , I don't like to feed them all that color and sugar and not to name a few other ingredients in them.. So for our party's I like to make treats that are healthy and not sugary.. I do have cakes and cup cakes ,some home made candy, in witch I use honey or  cane sugar and candied apples.
I have a Halloween party every year for my boys and we have games and trick or treat and then sit down to a good Halloween movie .So for treats and gifts I make stuff and buy little toys,pencils ,erases stamps and things like that that they can use at school or for crafting. I also print some nice labels,and  in individual cello bags I put raisins ,homemade marshmallows , nuts and other healthy stuff like that and staple the label on top. I use these as the treats for trick or treat..
Below I have some photos for ideas  for party's and for lunch boxes for Halloween ,I like to send my boys to school with a little surprise in there lunch boxes..

Goblin teeth, apple slices peanut butter and mini marshmallows..

water melon monster

Cute  idea for a lunch box

Monster buns

Crackers owls . 

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