Tuesday, July 9, 2013

3 D art. Dinasaur craft.

We did this project a wile back and kids really enjoyed it..  I will post the other themed ones we made with different meterials.
This one is the dinosaur prehistoric one , we used things that we had in the kitchen and in the craft box. I will tell you how we made it .
We had a hard piece of cardboard laying around and we used it for our canvas. I used a glue stick to glue crape paper on In green for our background and then we got the beans out the lentils and the pasta and stuck them on with white glue for the ground. We also stuck on there pebbles and stuff that we collected on one of our nature walks.
We used cotton wool for the clouds and tissue paper pieces for the sky.
Brocken fake flowers that we had and leaves for the prehistoric forest and foam eggs for dinosaur eggs. We went in our Dino toy box and got some that we had twice and hot glued them on and pon pons to look like flowers..
You could use any thing that you have in the kitchen ,in your recycled box and toys that you don't want.. And you end up with a really nice piece of art. Kids spend ages sticking and perfecting there creation. The kitchen looked like Taz attacked  it but it was all worth it and fun..

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