Friday, July 19, 2013

Clay pot gum ball machine

Today I will show you and tell you how to make a clay pot gum ball machine, this is really good as a gift for any occasion and as a party favor.
I made these for my sons 3rd birthday party and gave them out as party favors. You could make them any color you wish to fit your theme and holiday.
So what you will need is :

  1. Clay pot
  2. Clay plate
  3. Spray paints
  4. Hot glue gun( any super strong glue will do)
  5. Wooden beads
  6. Bottle tops 
  7. Candy
  8. Round jar( like a fish bowl)
So first spray paint your pot and plate in the desired color with spray paint and set out to dry over night. That helps the smell of paint go way too. Make sure you lay some news paper on the ground so you don't get paint everywhere and so this out doors.
Then spray yout big round beads and bottle tops if using and lay them to dry also.
When everything has dried very well turn the pot upside down and glue the jar on the pot. The bottom part of the pot( see photos)
Them glue on your one bead on the top of the plate with the plate up side down. This will be the top of the gum ball machine. And the bead will be the handle, if you get what I meen. The bottle tops will serve for the opening of the machine were the sweets fall out, in this case just a decorative piece.
And that's it, you could print a gift card or a thank you note and string it around, and fill it with nice candy.
Good sweet luck!!!

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