Friday, July 5, 2013

Black swallowtails follow up ..

One of our cocoons hatched today and a beautiful butterfly came out.. 
It was such a great experience and the kids were so happy and proud.. The kids took there turn to gently hold her and observe her and then we put it out side on a lemon tree and about one hour later it flew of...

Food: caterpillars will only eat the foliage of a group of plants called umbellifers - a group that includes carrot, fennel and angelica, but they show a marked preference for milk parsley. Adults feed on nectar from a variety of flowers.
The swallowtail is Britain's largest and most exotic butterfly. Its name refers to the extensions on the hind-wings which look rather like a swallow's tail. These 'tails' and false 'eyes' on the hind-wing mimic the head and antennae (feelers) of the butterfly. This confuses birds as to the true head of their prey and gives the swallowtail a better chance of escaping. Sadly, this beautiful butterfly is extremely rare in Britain.

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