Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wood shaving frame.

Wood shaving frame..

So what do you do with your colored pencil wood shavings ? Through them away naturally. Well I was watching my boy coloring one day and he had a bowl next to him to put all he's pencil shavings in. Well I looked at the bowl and it looked so nice and colorful.

Like wooden rainbow drops. So I got the idea to make a craft with them since it would be a shame to through away such nice colors, and we saved them from then on. A couple o weeks later I got a good amount of shavings and was ready to start.

So I noticed some frames that I had bought from Ikea one day. There the plain wooden ones that are unvarnished with the cheapest price tag. So what you need is this:

  1. Wooden shavings 
  2. Mod podge or pva glue

  3. Wooden frame
  4. Paint brushes
And what you do is this:

Paint the frame with one coat of mod podge and stick your shavings one by one as you go along, stick and cover each shaving with mod podge to keep them in place . Continue to so until you have your frame covered with the shavings. Now you need to give it 2 coats of the glue only and let it dry for a couple of hours..     And that is about it.. You could make some big ones with only one color that would make it look more grown up and sophisticated and you could cover any surface you wish.. These would look nice in a play room or kids room..

So happy shaving collecting ....:-)

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