Monday, July 8, 2013

Pixie dust in a jar...

I made this pixie dust in a jar for my sons 4th birthday as party favors. He loves the one he has and sleeps with it next to him. They glow in the dark like sparkly pixie dust..
So it is simple to make it and here I will tell you how to make it..
Your will need :

  1. I mason jar
  2. Some glitter
  3. Glow paint
  4. Labels ( if you are giving it as a gift)
  5. String 
  6. Paint brush

So here goes, you take your mason jar and dip  your brush in your glow paint ,and paint spots on the inside of the jar . Do this until the inside the jar is covered with dots and spots. Then sprinkle glitter and leave to dry. On the top of the jar do the same. I also spay painted the top with cream color spray paint. You could do it to match your theme..
It's as simple ad pie and you have a glow jar to keep the Kiddos feeling safe in the dark.

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