Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Photo memory plate frames..

I've got a fun craft project for you that you could turn in to a lovely wall decoration.Last year i had the idea to stick a holiday photo on a plate and let the kids to decorate them. They came out so effective that I printed more holiday photos off holidays that we have been over the years and decorated them with memorabilia that we brought with us and I have saved in there memory keepsake boxes..I could be stuff like napkins ,paper notes from the hotels and little things like that. 
And then I was wondering around in ikea and sore the shadow boxes and I thought they could look cool on the wall all together .And I was right ,they look really effective and kids can look at the wonderful work and memories .
What you will need:

  • Photos of good memories
  • Glue stick
  • Glitter
  • Holiday bits and pieces
  • Stickers of some kind of relevance 
  • Shadow boxes (ikea has them)
Get the kids to stick the photo in the center of the plate ,I used the ikea square ones and some round ones.The square ones are more effective in personal opinion .
Let the stick and glue glitter and stickers and all around to make a frame.  And then just place them in the shadow boxes. Easy as pie..And you could keep it up for as many years as you like. You will fill a whole wall of holiday memories. How cool would that look? I haven't come round in making all of mine but now with the summer  holidays I will get them to so the rest.
Hope you enjoy this fun craft..

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