Thursday, July 4, 2013

Recycled bottle.

We turned a bottle in to a space ship!!
My little guy wanted to make a space ship and so he went to our plastic recycling bin and got a bottle ,brought to me and said: Let's craft now I want to make a spaceship.
So I used paper tape to tape all around it and covered it all up. Now it was ready to be be painted.
We used some paints and the little man choose he's colors and started.
We used egg cartons and cut them for the space ships propellant that is we're the fire comes out and painted them,and also ribbons and fabric for the fires. You could use paper or tissue paper too.
Little man had so much fun making it and when it was all dry he had fun playing with he's space ship.
He got all he's men out and took them to the moon and mars. Even if the playing doesn't last long you get to save there master peace up on shelf along with all there other crafts..
Have fun crafting..

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