Saturday, July 20, 2013

The queens guard..

The bottle queens guard man:-)
Well this was fun to make with the kids, this was made when we got back from a holiday in the UK , we had a fabric softener bottle ,back when we use to use store bought:-) and I thought it would be cool to make him in to a Royal Guard..
We covered the bottle with paper tape this insures a smooth finish when the painting process comes and from  an old paper shop bag we covered the top of the bottle, we puffed it up a bit and hot glued it. Then the kids painted it with some acrylic paints. I helped out with the face details and we used gold paint for the details on his costume..
We left him to dry and that was it.. Kids loved him. You could use pon pons for buttons or use the handle of the bottle to make his riffle ..its a good idea to use up any bottles that you have, reusing and creating..
Have a fun weekend..

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