Thursday, July 18, 2013

Painted rock bugs!!!!

                                                              Kids crafts.
Painted rock bugs.
Painted rocks are fun for kids to do and keeps them busy and happy. Also you get to put there art on display so there proud to:-)
So what we do when we go out for our walks is search to find rocks that look like something, It could be a boat or a bug,animal,car just let your imagination go wild or your kids .. So we collected and got out acrylic paints out and talked about what each rock looks like  what color each bug is and then they started painted them.
Use any color to make them look fantastic, eyes,wings,feet.
These little guys look great in the garden peeping between the bushes and flowers. We've got our on our front door step along with some boots that we planted flowers in. I will cover those in a different post.. Well happy rock collecting and have fun painting ...

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