Thursday, July 4, 2013

Recycled box!!!

Recycled boat....
It was a crafty morning around our house this morning, we made a space ship out of a plastic bottle and we also made this cool ship out of a cracker box.
We have a recycling bin in our pantry that we save boxes ,bottles ,tops ,paper and other items that we thing can be useful for our crafting activities.
So AP went in and got a cracker box and said he wanted to make a ship, by now both of them know what they want and just walk in crab something and tell me what they need it to be.
So I went ahead and covered the whole box with paper tape, this helps with the painting procedure.
The paint can go on easier with the paper tape on.
So we went out got the paints and kids started to paint, he wanted wooden barbecue sticks and pocked holes and stuck them in and then cut thick card stock paper for the sails and just had fun with it.. You could create anything from items that you have at home and turn them in to toys ,decorating items and anything  your heart desires.. 
Have a fun and crafty time!!!!!!!  

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